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“just for baby…

“Our new fashion products, inspired by our valued mothers, are now one click away …”

Founded in 2014, our company always serves with the best price and best quality product policy. As Sweetpatik’s, we have created our website and product catalog in order to communicate with our valuable customers better. You can use our website or the contact numbers on the catalog and you can pass us your ideas and criticisms about our company.

We will continue to serve you today and tomorrow by thanking you for your honesty in service and your close interest and support of Sweetpatik’s who works with the best quality principle in our products.

Shoes & Gifted Sets

Beginning with your booty products we have specially prepared for your baby will be very comfortable in the first steps. Quality fabric, modular features will provide the comfort of your baby …

Hair Accessories

The six-pack product we prepared with colorful accesories is indispensable for our girl infants, they are as natural as they are and their soft structure …


It suits any situation! Our youngest playmates with their trousers and bow tie. All handsets are indispensable for tiny, modular and fun accessories …

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